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Friday, August 17, 2007

Purple Include Update

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Wow, this is really cool. Would I be able to use this as a RSS Feed thing? I had to make a site that had a summary of the last 3 blog entries from a page an XML Feed on feedburner. It seems this method would have worked rather than the server-side php script. (which was a hassle for me - non-programmer)
Judging by your past work (and I hope I'm not ruining any surprises here :-), I'd assume you were three layers into the code to do a feed to feed translator, mashing up a "purple" feed with your server side component to produce a plain ATOM or RSS feed consumable by any feed consumer.

Judging by at least your own ATOM feed in the example post, this should be perfectly doable, as at least Blogger does not seem to screen away the non-standard purple href attributes, so there would be something for this purple to plain feed translator to consume.

Smallish notes re: your js include: if the commented-out section using cross browser techniques to attach to the load event don't work, it's perhaps because you did not chain your if cascade as else ifs. I think I'd just go with the .onload hack, and call the prior onload function last, expunging the rest.

I also think it would be good form, and better the web, if rendering a purple link adds a tiny hover # link on the side that references the exact link that was pulled in.

These would then be clickable for people running hacks or browser enhancements like my (admittedly rather quick and dirty) xpath bookmarks user script of some time ago.

Great work, by the way! I love your agendas for the web, this one, as much as all the others.
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