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The Next Great Space Race: SpaceShipOne and Wild Fire to Go For the Gold

Bloggers DHTML Control

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

German women say single life is better

German women say single life is better



Watson, come quick, again, a third time!

Watson, come quick, again, a third time!

Watson, come quick, again, a third time!

Watson, come quick, again, a third time!

Watson, come quick, again!

Watson, come quick!

FuturePundit: Monster Waves Major Cause Of Large Ship Sinkings


OPML Files as Aggregators

Codec - Commons Codec

The 9/11 Commission Report

Informa: RSS Library for Java - Overview

A Thousand Tiny Pieces


Lets Go Swimming on Mars, Just You and I

My Fist and Your Head

Paint Strokes

Out Foxed

Gmail is too creepy

Help the EFF

JXTA-C is Available

Susan Mernit's Blog

Confessions of an operating systems junkie

Call him Sir Tim Berners-Lee | CNET

The Space Review: "Permission to believe" in a Moore's Law for space launch?

Public Service Announcements from Buckminster Fuller....

Mix, Match, and Burn (and Win $200 Bucks)

Life on Mars: One Step Closer

My 100 Year Old Cousin is Now In the Guinness Book of World Records

Vivaldi: A P2P Coordinate Algorithm That Takes Latency Into Account

Spider Man Pinata

Decentralized Software Radio and TV

Flash O' The Day

mod_bt - Making things better for seeders.

WikiWiki Improvements

Inflatable Space Outposts: Cash Down on High Hopes

A Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure Based On Social Networking

Technical Info on Safari's New DHTML Canvas Tag

Great RSS Aggregator Written in Flash and Python!

What Country Has the Greatest Number of Members on Orkut?

Infinite Regress: Paintings, Poetry, and Pictures

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Using P2P Sockets

Another Mozilla Developer Day Comming

DHTML Wizard

Mysterious Clouds that Shine at Night

Blue Moon

Scaled Aims For Late September X Flights

Where Did All the DHTML Folks Go?

Open Source DHTML Abstraction Layer

After Years of Stewing, DHTML Might Be Ready

There's Some Buddhists at the Pearly Gate

Ryans Here!

Web Fire Escape - Never Get Fired for Blogging At Work Again!

Sabrina and Allen Visit from NYC

I'm back!