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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

You may notice some strange posts on my blog and repeated posts; I was doing some experimenting automating the posting of news articles to my blogs through the Atom API from a Java program I wrote. It worked, but one of the posts broke the Blogger Dashboard, which means I can't delete these posts. I've talked to the Blogger team and they said they are working on it. I just chose articles randomly from other RSS feeds so some of them might be wierd.

Dude, you are an Ivy League Graduate from a very prestigious university... the word weird is spelled
WEIRD... i know it looks weird; but it is NOT wierd ... now "Wired" has the same letters and you wanted an article in that magazine which you shall probably write someday, no doubt ( not the musical group ,, i have no doubt)

you know who this is ....this is your weird mom
who is sometimes wired ... but never wierd!!!!
I've heard you are an awesome drummer on car dashboards
but breaking the blogger dashboard ... whoa dude
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