My 100 Year Old Cousin is Now In the Guinness Book of World Records

I just found out that a third-cousin of mine, 100 year old Philip Rabinowitz, is now the world's fastest centenarian:

Philip Rabinowitz from Cape Town ran 100m at the city's Green Point stadium in 30.86 seconds, beating the existing record by more than five seconds....."Every time I go, I break my own record. I get younger and younger," he said as his pulse was checked by his coach.

His secret:

Besides eating apples, he recommends moderation, work and walking as the key to a long life...Work, Mr Rabinowitz explained, was another secret to longevity and he goes to his daughter's dog food factory five days a week to do the accounts.

Can you see the family resemblance?

I hope I'm as healthy when I'm his age! I didn't even know about this guy till this week, when my mom told me.


Oscar said…
Oh, yeah, the ol' Neuberg family charm is plain upon his face!

Picture Brad at 100+ talking Peer to Space on the Omninet. Brad Neuberg will never die; he will become a ghost in the machine!
Bryan Neuberg said…
Hey, watchalo Cisneros. The Neubergs like roaches. Multiplying. Always living. Never dying.
Oscar said…
Hey Bro, or should I say Vato? Neuberg Multiplication is a good thing!
Alan Neuberg said…
Hey isn't that Brad's cell phone by the tree on the ground >>>