Scripting News: 7/20/2004: "I was going for a hike this morning and at the trail head, there was a car with a very interesting license plate. Watsu. Water shiatsu -- something I learned in massage school."

Dave, you were in massage school? I didn't know that. Did you learn it at Harbin Hot Springs? I love Watsu, including Thai massage.

One time, many years ago, I was living and working at Esalen. I went with a group of people into one of the forests in Big Sur, where there is a secret hot spring that bubbles out of the base of a red wood tree. We scrambled up the rock face of the hill to get there and jumped into the natural pool. Once in the water, we took turns floating each other.

When it was my turn, I floated to the surface of the water. Someone stood behind me and supported my head, making sure that my ears were below water but my nose was above. The other folks stood on either side. I opened my eyes and saw the blue sky and the red wood tree towering over me. The wind gently swept over my body and through the leaves. The warmth of the hot spring was all around, and I was being rocked by the people around me like a baby. Man did I cry, and man was that a beautiful day. God was definently there.

Sometimes, when I'm sitting at my computer coding, I still think about that day, like right now.