Major New Release of P2P Sockets: 1.1.4

I'm proud to announce a major new release of P2P Sockets, version 1.1.4. It's been 6 months since the previous release because I have been working at a new job, Rojo, a web-based blog aggregator and social networking site.

What is P2P Sockets?

The P2P Sockets project is designed for those interested in:

  • Returning the end-to-end principle to the Internet.
  • An alternative peer-to-peer domain name system that bypasses ICANN and Verisign, is completely decentralized, and responds to updates much quicker than standard DNS.
  • An Internet where everyone can create and consume network services, even if they have a dynamic IP address or no IP address, are behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) device, or blocked by an ISP's firewall.
  • A Web where every peer can automatically start a web server, host an XML-RPC service, and more, and quickly make these available to other peers.
  • Easily adding peer-to-peer functionality to Java socket and server socket applications.
  • Having servlets and Java Server Pages work on a peer-to-peer network for increased reliability, easier maintenance, and exciting new end-user functionality.
  • Playing with a cool technology.

For more technical information on how to use P2P Sockets in your own software please see:

What's New in this Release?

  • A critical bug was preventing P2P Sockets from working with the latest version of JXTA and the Sun JXTA public rendezvous servers; this as now been fixed.
  • P2P Sockets is now ported to JXTA 2.3.1
  • P2P Sockets is significant performance improvements. It is now faster both in startup and in resolving P2P sockets, server sockets, and web sites.
  • P2P Sockets now embeds the JXTA profiler rather than its own for automatic peer configuration
  • P2P Sockets features a much simpler, easier, and smaller internal design
  • P2P Sockets features completely revamped and up-to-date documentation, tutorials, and presentations
  • P2P Sockets now has support for easily creating peer-to-peer WikiWikis
  • P2P Sockets is now ported to the 2.0.2 version of Apache Commons HTTP-Client.

Mailing Lists

All future communication concerning P2P Sockets will take place on the following mailing lists:

  • - A moderated mailing list for P2P Sockets announce messages
  • - A mailing list for cvs commit messages
  • - A mailing list for developer discussions
  • - A mailing list for issuezilla messages
  • - A mailing list for user discussions

If you are interested in future emails concerning P2P Sockets please enroll in one of these mailing lists at

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