There will be a Microformats dinner tonight in San Francisco.

The microformats group, led by Tantek at Technorati, is talking about creating common standards that raise the bar on machine readable data. We're creating the grassroots semantic web, a loose coalition of bottom-up standards that work, aren't perfect, and solve real short-term problems and can be quickly adopted. This is foiled against the academic semantic web, which is a collection of extremely sophisticated, complex technologies that in my opinion will never be adopted because they are too rigid and complex. Examples of the grassroots semantic web include RSS, blog ping services, blogging APIs (Blogger API, MetaWeblog API, etc.), and the various tagging services and tag aggregation APIs (the tagosphere). The microformats group is trying to catalyze even more of this kind of movement, including the reputation and attention oriented attention.xml standard; the simple people-oriented XFN standard to describe person relationships in a very easy, loose way; and more. We can also talk about the work that is going into the new Feed Mesh group, which is trying to iterate the blog ping services that have arisen in order to make it more scalable and spam-protected.

Where: Crepes on Cole on Carl @ Cole (MUNI N-Judah stop)
When: 7pm-9pm, this Wednesday night 2005-01-19.

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