Rojo Article on Technology Review

Technology Review has written up a short article on Rojo. They make some good points in the article, such as whether users are willing to build up contact lists in the context of RSS readers in order to get the filtering ability that social networking gives you. There are all sorts of interesting features that occur when you have social networking context, such as search with Eurekster or RSS reading with Rojo. The issue is that we all have to reinvent the wheel and get users to renter their social networking information, which might be too much for many users. I'm not sure what the answer is, though FOAF is always an interesting option. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this issue?


Oscar said…
I have to say there is some merit to the article. it's called "network effects." Basically, it means the value of a network/social space/etc, increases as more people sign up to it, but also people are less likely to jump for other alternatives.

On the other hand, I don't necessarily want to sign up all my "Friendsters" to give me tips on what latest blog entries to read. I'm more likely to select people who I trust or who have similar affinities as me.

I have found the Rojo interface a bit daunting, and that's coming from a geek-type, or at least more of a geek-type than Aunt Bea.

Anyways, just some half-baked thoughts.
pat said…
Very good article Brad. I agree that rojo UI could be simplified. FOAF is an interesting option for geek type customers only, or until social soft sites use it as an interchange format.

FYI you have 2 link rel=alternate tags in your header and the first one is empty, which makes autodiscovery of your site ineffective (at least in netnewswire:-)