Ajax History Support in Safari Possible?

I got a great email from David Bloom today. He says that he has figured out a way to have fragment identifier history in Safari. I haven't gotten a chance to test this myself, since I don't have a Mac, but I'd love to hear folks experiences with it. His email:

"I figured out how to get fragment identifier history to work in Safari...

http://bloomd.home.mchsi.com/histapi/test.html (only works in Safari, tested on version 2.0.3)

It's unoptimized and there are still plenty of ways to make it "mess up", but what matters is that it is a working implementation of back/forward history in Safari with fragment identifiers :-). I think that the flaws (such as forgetting - but still keeping entries in the browser's history for - all but the most recent history state when you leave the site then click Back until you're at it) can be fixed using cookies, cached forms, or something like that."


Geoff Stearns said…
This crashed my browser when I entered a second value.

Also: Kevin Newman has had working safari back button going for a few weeks - check out:

david bloom said…
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david bloom said…
I've got the leave-the-page-then-come-back bug corrected, as well as several other little quirks.

Geoff: what version of Safari and MacOS X are you running?
n said…
It works on Safari 2.0.3 quite well, can go back and forward most of the time without a problem.

As is usual with Safari & Javascript like this though, if you get carried away and click too fast it does lock the browser up - it did the first time i tried it. There is obviously something not too Safari friendly going on it there, try logging whats happening using window.console.log() - would be able to tell what it crashes on then.
Neo Geek said…
I tested it in Bon Echo 2.0a3 on Windows and it worked without any issues. This is some really neat stuff. Going to have to look deeper into how this actually work.
L.I.D said…
This is sooooo beyond me, it is funny! I wish I knew as much as you do, and San Francisco rocks!