Took The Google Ads Plunge...

Hey folks, I recently took the plunge and put some Google ads on my blog. I've been wanting to play with Google Adsense and Google Analytics for awhile, and now I have an excuse. Hopefully they'll be useful to folks and not be annoying. I'm excited to see if I can make some money from them as well to help me hack on open source.


burtonator said…
Maybe but tech doesn't do to well.

The CPC is really low. You'd also need a TON of traffic to make up for it. I think I make like $50 off my blog.

Russ Beattie was making $100 a day but he was running them as interstitials from search results and talking about gadgets which have a higher CPC. I think he also SEOd and owned a bunch of nice keywords.

I think I make like $80 a month off my blog. I'm thinking of redoing feedblog like and having no ads and just a simple layout.
It would be very interesting to hear if you find them a noteworthy income contribution (order of magnitude:ishly -- a bar of chocolate, some neat Apple accessories or similar, per month). With a less intrusive layout of them like the one I picked, it's the former -- and I'm personally considering dropping them instead, largely just consuming page estate. :-)

Best of luck, though! It would be great if it gave you a little hack or blog incentive boost, the way I presume it's intended.
Brad Neuberg said…
Thanks Johan! I think one thing I'm going to do is start writing higher quality tutorials for my own site instead of submitting them to places like the O'Reilly Network and IBM DeveloperWorks. I have a million ideas on cool, interesting Ajax tutorials, and I'm tired of the red tape and low amount that places like O'Reilly pay. They just don't pay enough to justify creating fundamentally new content and ideas, and I think I can make more income by putting them on my own blog. I'll definently share my experience on the blog.
Brad Neuberg said…
Hi Johan; like you suggested I've started blogging my experience with Google AdSense here: