Mockups of Offline Gmail/Blogger + Lots of Great Discussion on the Dojo Offline Toolkit

[Note: This blog post is out of date. For up to date information on Dojo Offline please see the official web page.]

Two quick things.

First, I created a bunch of mockups of what an offline Gmail, Blogger, and corporate portal might look like if they integrated the Dojo Offline Toolkit. This is to get a better understanding of the common UI needs of these kinds of applications, as well as figuring out if I can bundle a default UI template with the toolkit.

Second, there is a great conversation going on at the end of the original kickoff post for the Dojo Offline Toolkit, with everyone from Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript, to lots of interesting Ajax and DHTML hackers going on; right now we have upwards of 92 comments! Check them out and add to the discussion.


JoJobeanstalk said…
I LOVE you Brad! I'm so proud of all your coding innovations and UI/Ajax page rank stuff. I sure wish you knew the true power of the Dark side though, and came to work for us...

Ah well, when are you going to come spend a weekend (begining with lunhc at the Goog, bills on me) you should let me know next time you pop into my neck of the woods. I have some exciting news, but due to excessive proprietary secrecy, I am forbidden of speaking of it yet, but if you call/talk to me, I'll give you much better hints!
Love you soooo much, think well of you always and would love to see you soon,