Devils in Space

This must be the craziest thread I've ever seen; it's a discussion between a very conservative Christian who believes that going into space is wrong and the mark of the devil, and the actual developers who are building things like space elevators and cheap access to orbit. Strangely enough, it actually restores my faith in humanity -- both sides actually speak with respect to each other, even though they come from extremely different worlds and paradigms. I'm a huge buff, so I'm on the side of cheap access to space and humanity up in the heavens, but it's a strange, interesting debate.


jeremy said…
Hi Brad, I am Jeremy from the post above you are linking to ... just wanted to point one thing out for the record....

I am NOT a conservative Christian by any means, trust me there. If you would like no why I say that, then please visit our website

And I know man is going to go to space, all I am saying is that going to space to LIVE is one of the things mentioned is going to happen during the end times of this age. And God says He will bring everyone down from their nest among the stars.

And if we are not given dominion over space by God in the beginning of creation, then why do we thing we can go into uncharted territory without the approval of God?

Anyway, was looking at my stats on the website, and saw this link, thought I would check it out. Thanks for the link back.

Glory to God the father and Jesus Christ His Son who came in the flesh, died, and rose again so that we may have life eternal with Him in the Kingdom of God in the New Jerusalem! AMEN!