Coworking: 2 Years and Going Strong

Brad Neuberg: Coding In Paradise: Coworking - Community for Developers Who Work From Home: "Join Spiral Muse and Brad Neuberg in creating a new kind of work
environment for free spirits!"

This was the initial blog post I wrote kicking off coworking, an initiative I started to provide new kinds of work spaces for those tired of both corporate offices and coffee shops. I had recently quit my job, and was going into business for myself as a consultant. I needed community and structure but also wanted to have the independence and freedom of working for myself. Why couldn't I have both?

Over the last 2 years, coworking has now spread all over the world, with 3 coworking spaces in San Francisco, spaces in New York City, ones opening in Paris, and more. We have a coworking wiki, blog, and mailing list that are brimming over with activity. There's even been a Business Week article on it in the last few weeks!

It's funny to see what of the initial idea has survived and what has changed -- I initially wanted coworking to be a bit more hippie, with yoga and stuff, but that didn't seem to work for as many people as other aspects. It's also been a great exercise in giving ideas away -- literally over the last 2 years I would constantly tell folks to steal the idea and take it in their own direction. If I hadn't done this coworking would definently be dead today, since the original Spiral Muse space closed about 8 months after it opened. If it wasn't for folks like Chris Messina, Jay Dedman, Ryanne Hodson, Tara Hunt, Shlomo Rabinowitz, and more, coworking would be far different and wouldn't be where it is today.