Data Structures and Algorithms

I'm reviewing a bunch of my basic computer science, such as data structures and algorithms. I've made a bunch of notes that others might find useful in their own studies, going into the different sorting algorithms, the various trade-offs between different data structures, and so on, and put it on the web in the HyperScope. Check it out.

As a geeky sidenote, it's kind of fun how I made it. I used OmniOutliner as my outliner, and setup my webserver to use WebDav with Apache 2 so I can treat is at a native filesystem that I can just do File/Save As on rather than having to always upload using FTP or SCP. I made the save as format just be OPML, and then just added one line to the top of the OPML file to pull in the HyperScope stylesheet and present it there. View the source of the OPML to see the XSLT HyperScope stylesheet.


Unknown said…
I cannot scroll up and down using the keyboard arrows on the Hyperscope page. Probably something easy to fix.