Coworking in the New York Times and SF Chronicle

Lots of news from the coworking world lately. First, the New York Times published a great article "They're Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side":

CONTEMPLATING his career path a couple of years ago, a young computer programmer named Brad Neuberg faced a modern predicament. "It seemed I could either have a job, which would give me structure and community," he said, "or I could be freelance and have freedom and independence. Why couldn't I have both?"

As someone used to hacking out solutions, Mr. Neuberg took action. He created a word - coworking, eliminating the hyphen - and rented space in a building, starting a movement.

While coworking has evolved since Mr. Neuberg's epiphany in 2005, dozens of places around the country and increasingly around the world now offer such arrangements, where someone sets up an office and rents out desks, creating a community of people who have different jobs but who want to share ideas."

The SF Chronicle also had a front-page story on coworking as well. Its nice to see all the mainstream press on coworking!