Anyone know what this is? Looks interesting:

"OpenKODE is a royalty-free, open standard that combines a set of native APIs to increase source portability for rich media and graphics applications. OpenKODE reduces mobile platform fragmentation by introducing the cross-platform OpenKODE Core API for accessing operating system resources to minimize source changes when porting applications between Linux, Rex/Brew, Symbian, Windows CE, WIPI and RTOS-based platforms. OpenKODE 1.0 also defines an advanced media-stack architecture by bringing together the OpenGL ES and OpenVG media APIs through EGL 1.3 and a set of EGL extensions to provide state-of-the-art acceleration for mixed 3D and vector 2D graphics. Subsequent versions of OpenKODE will use upcoming versions of EGL to integrate synchronization and data processing of streaming media using the OpenSL ES and OpenMAX media APIs to provide accelerated video and audio functionality that is fully integrated with graphics processing."