ADC - Fundamentals Of SVG

Nice new article on the Apple site around using SVG with Safari 4; sums up some of the nice reasons to use SVG, including drastically smaller size and better image quality, with some cool demos of it on the iPhone:

ADC - Fundamentals Of SVG: "The advantages for using SVG for graphing and visualization applications are clear. Not only is it more efficient in terms of file size to use SVG, it also scales better, looks cleaner, and is easier to build because libraries are not required to create the XML. If what you want to do is create charts and graphs to display data quickly on the iPhone, SVG should be one of your tools of choice."


Anonymous said…
That's why I love the Raphaƫl JavaScript library. It abstracts the vector graphics creation and only offers methods it can utilise in a cross-browser fashion. That means you can draw your sexy (SVG) graphs for the iPhone and have them still work in IE6 (via VML). Nice!