JavaScript/Ajax Bootcamp

My friend and colleague Matthew Russell is putting on a JavaScript/Ajax Bootcamp that looks awesome; I wish I was in Atlanta so I could drop by and check this out! Take a look at it:

"JavaScript/Ajax Bootcamp:
Javascript/Ajax Bootcamp is designed specifically for anyone who wants to learn how to build advanced web applications, whether a novice to the arena or an experienced developer who needs to modernize his/her existing skill set.

This course uses the Dojo JavaScript Toolkit, but the skills learned can be used with any of the standard JavaScript libraries.

Upon completion of JavaScript/Ajax Bootcamp, the student will:

  • Be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of DHTML (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS)
  • Understand the Dojo Toolkit with emphasis on building slick, interactive, advanced web applications
  • Understand how to use Dojo's powerful JavaScript standard library as protection from the bare metal of the browser
  • Be able to create custom widgets that work on all of the mainstream browsers
  • Be able to put Dojo's extensive collection of accessible and internationalized turn-key widgets to work
  • Understand how to use Dojo's build system to minify and consolidate JavaScript files and templates so pages load lightning-fast
  • Be able to write good unit tests for web apps -- even interactive ones -- and be able to effectively test in all mainstream browsers
  • Understand how to animate content and perform 2-dimensional drawing in web appliations -- all without Flash!
  • Have a library of tips and techniques for production settings"
Make sure to check out the Syllabus as well on the page which looks really cool.


Dave Doolin said…

I would *love* to attend something like this somewhere in the Bay Area!

And I know others who would as well, and they are both Civil Engineers who don't want to be experts, but they do want to be able to understand enough to make simple modifications and extensions.

Thanks for posting about the event.