SVG Has A Posse... and his name is Doug Schepers

One of the great aspects of working with the SVG community has been meeting some of the cool folks inside of it. I got a chance to meet one of these people, Doug Schepers, recently. Doug is great and alot of fun. He got involved with SVG a few years ago and then spent thousands of dollars out of his own pocket in order to join the W3C as an individual and influence its direction in a positive way. Now he is fully helping to define and steward SVG as a W3C Member, such as with the recent CSS + SVG work going on to use CSS in order to apply SVG effects that Safari submitted.

Doug is like the posse for SVG, making sure it goes in good directions. This inspired me to mockup that SVG has a posse, with Doug's image:

I wrote it in SVG of course, using Inkscape. Click through it to see the SVG file. This is of course based on the famous Andre the Giant Has a Posse posters by Shepard Fairey.


doug ++ a lot
for our freedom to express
ddailey said…
If you thought Doug was fun, try meeting some of us SVG outlaws!