New SVG Web Release: Beholder

Yowsers! It's another release of SVG Web, this time code named Beholder:

According to the classic D&D Monster Manual, the Beholder is an "aggressive and avaricious spherical monster that is most frequently found underground." In other words, you don't want to bump into this guy in a back alley.

This release, roughly about 1 month of work, has contributions from many users and developers. We've knocked out a bunch of bugs and features. The full release list:

  • Issue 327 : Patching currentTranslate in causes error in Wikipedia Pan and Zoom tool
  • Issue 326 : Update config.html tool to test for SVG MIME type
  • Issue 316 : Background SVG is not being re-drawn on secondary pages for some browsers
  • Issue 307 : Window resize handler can sometimes throw exceptions on IE if Flash not ready
  • Issue 308 : Implement currentTranslate and currentScale and have it be a fast path
  • Issue 312 : For Shelley Powers: Odd error when using within XHTML document: works with Firefox, does not work with any other browser
  • Issue 176: Document Makefile dependencies
  • Issue 233 : (regression) inconsistent size, spacing, flow of rendering
  • Issue 304 : tspan-tag ignore s coordinates of upper text-tag
  • Issue 305 : Changing shapes and paths from 'hidden' to 'visible' does not work.
  • Issue 306 : Regression in test_js1.html: Text that should be hidden is not
  • Issue 311 : Summation of transform causes shaking and invalid transformations.
  • Issue 254 : Lamb Animation Sample Doesn't Look Correct
  • Issue 315 : Reduce the number of Sprites created per Node to increase performance
  • Issue 321: Support for animating path "d" attribute (except interpolation)
  • Issue 325 : Support data: URL scheme for object tag
  • Issue 329 : in flash renderer, images get cropped if they are moved programmatically
  • Issue 330 : in flash renderer, fill with image pattern does not work (programmatically)
  • Issue 293 : Position of image differs in native vs flash
  • Issue 207 : Doing transform on image dynamically throws exception
  • Issue 343 : Support on* events in SVG "use" element.
  • Issue 344 : Cache image requests for same file

Download the new release, read the Quick Start guide, and visit the SVG Web home page.


Gavin said…
I smell cinnamon!
Michael said…
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and the beholder has an awfully big eye... lets hope this project lives up to it.
Unknown said…
I tried the feblend example from at w3c found at Doesn't seem to work. Seems like feblend doesn't work with anything for that matter. It looks like it does in chrome when SVG Web is used. The text lays on top of the bg but does bland like it's supposed to.
Brad Neuberg said…
@Ittiz: Only the Gaussian Blur Filter is currently supported. Most browsers only support a simple subset of the SVG Filters. I do not believe the feBlend filter is well supported currently, except for Opera.
Unknown said…
That's sad, been trying to make a pixel perfect 2d color gradient and feBlend seems to be the only way to do it. More complicated filters like feDisplacementMap work in firefox (3.5) but feBlend doesn't :P