An Ode to Ajaxian

Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer of Ajaxian recently posted that they are stepping down as formal editors of the blog Ajaxian.

I just wanted to write a short ode to Ajaxian. Ben and Dion both literally created the Ajax community, founding a central watering hole for everyone to come around. Of any tech community I've been a part of, the Ajax/Ajaxian community has been the absolute best one. While Jesse James Garrett might have coined the term Ajax, Ben and Dion made it real and gave it heart.

Ben and Dion both helped me launch my JavaScript career, supporting me with mentions when I put out some new Ajax hack or toolkit. Without Ajaxian there wouldn't have been a place to post new updates; it's the Techmeme of the JavaScript world (not the Valleywag of the JS world, thankfully :)

I wouldn't be where I am in any possible way if it wasn't for Ajaxian and Ben and Dion. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

As HTML5 grows and slowly eclipses the Ajax community, lets hope we get as awesome a common community space as Ajaxian has been!


Dion Almaer said…
Ahhh shucks.

We did the easy part. You guys who give us amazing hacks, frameworks, an products are the true heros.

Thanks for being both a pioneer AND an advocate. A killer combo bro.


Ben Galbraith said…
Thanks Brad. I've really enjoyed your work through the years!