New SVG Web Release: Owlephant

The SVG Web team is proud to announce a new release. SVG Web is a drop in JavaScript library that makes it easy to display SVG graphics on Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 using Flash.

The new SVG Web release, like all our releases, is named after especially silly D&D monsters. The new release is code named Owlephant:

You've heard of Elephants, you've heard of Owls… put them together and you get the fearsome Owlephant. If you encounter one, be sure it will be the last thing you ever, um, encounter. Hoot…. stomp!

With this release we now score 55.45% on the SVG compatibility charts, almost at the same level as IE 9 (58%).

Major aspects of this new release includes overhauls and fixes for gradients, clipping, events, text placement, and more. It also includes a huge step forward in SMIL animation support, including being able to animate path segments and interpolate their values, scripting SMIL with JavaScript, and more.

This release has been built by the community, with major contributions from Bruce Duncan from; Ken Stacey from; and the always awesome (and project co-leader) Rick Masters. Thanks to the many people like Michael Neutze, Bruce Rindahl, and more for their bug testing and evangelism!

Everything fixed in this release:
  • Issue 471 : Radial gradient different between Flash and Native renders
  • Issue 349 : gradients with bounding box cooordinates are positioned wrongly on circles
  • Issue 475 : 'this' not getting set correctly in SVG element event callback
  • Issue 477 : The change in the size of the ClipPath area is not reflected by Flash Renderer.
  • Issue 483 : Changing gradient stop does not trigger redraw of referencing elements
  • Issue 484 : Dynamic clip-path attribute changes are not reflected.
  • Issue 476 : set Element Problems and numerous SMIL issues
  • Issue 489 : Support beginElement() for animation elements
  • Issue 494 : SVGTextNode.onDrawGlyph not removing glyph clones
  • Issue 495 : Support units-per-em on SVG fonts
  • Issue 492 : 'button' property missing in mouse event object
  • Issue 472 : get svg.js even more compressed with Google's closure compiler (30K reduction)
  • Issue 499 : Object loaded svg with scripts not firing window load or SVGLoad event
  • Issue 488 : Updating styles via Javascript does not visibly update child nodes in IE/Flash
  • Issue 496 : Support exponents in path values
  • Issue 502 : Radial Gradient userSpaceOnUse Matrix calculated incorrectly
  • Issue 503 : Radial Gradient focalLen not used for stroke
  • Issue 504 : Radial Gradient userSpaceOnUse Matrix calculated incorrectly for SVGCircle and SVGEllipse nodes
  • Issue 497 : bad 'target' when click on text node
  • Issue 342 : Event handler fires only after second mouse click.
  • Issue 507 : Namespaced elements not allowed until svg element added to page
  • Issue 158: Rotated text not rendering for native fonts (Mostly Fixed)
  • Issue 467 : Namespace exception loading video example in IE8
  • Issue 510 : Font Family not used when surrounded by single quotes in Flash 10.1
  • Issue 57 : SVG default fill-rule 'nonzero' not supported by flash 9
  • Issue 123 : Nested svg elements don't show up in the DOM correctly
  • Issue 145: dynamically creating SMIL elements and attributes
  • Issue 356 : Show SVG Web Release Name and Revision in Right Click Menu
  • Issue 513 : getElementsByTagNameNS returning text nodes
  • Issue 515 : Call handleEvent on EventListener objects passed to addEventListener
  • Issue 517 : Elements with fill set to 'none' should produce mouse events but do not
  • Issue 518 : Avoid redraw on change to pointer-events attribute
  • Issue 523 : Event listener from object element may be applied to svg element erroneously
  • Issue 522 : Need way to create element with self declared namespace
  • Issue 525 : Image element not respecting display='none'
  • Issue 524 : Jquery $(window).scroll event will not fire
  • Issue 527 : Excessive messages for detached event listeners
  • Issue 528 : Exception if remove event listener from detached element, then add to document
  • Issue 321 : Support for animating path 'd' attribute (and interpolate between values)
  • Issue 514 : clip-path not used when part of style attribute value
  • Issue 526 : Object using clip path cannot have its opacity animated
  • Issue 535 : Nested svg disappears when animated
  • Issue 536 : Problems tracking whether elements attached to document or not
  • Issue 537 : Animation added in onload listener does not initialize
  • Issue 538 : Node removed while invalid causes endless frame listening
  • Issue 539 : Animation with invalid or forward href causes exception
  • Issue 540 : script stack space quota is exhausted by large svg file
  • Issue 511 : Keyboard events are not supported properly
Download the release now and get started!

Please note that there are some breaking changes in this release that will affect code that uses older versions of SVG Web; more details here. Also note that SVG Web does not yet support the native SVG functionality in IE 9 preview releases.