New SVG Web Release: Watch Out for the Lurker Above!

A new SVG Web release is out, code named Lurker Above!

The Lurker Above is a classic Dungeons and Dragons monster, attaching themselves to dungeon ceilings and dropping down to surprise unwary adventurers:

SVG Web is an open source drop-in JavaScript library that provides SVG support to Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 by transparently using Flash.

Some highlights of the Lurker Above release:

* Internet Explorer 9 is now supported!
* Lots of bug fixes
* More SMIL support and fixes
* Support for SVG Web when used in iframes
* data-path attribute is now optional and inferred when using SVG Web
* and more!

Special thanks to Rick Masters for sheparding this release, and to all the bug fixes and help from the SVG Web community!

Download the release now and get started


buzzilo said…

We passed one more level on canvas too!

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