P2P Framework: "The OogP2P framework is a framework for developing and running applications on a peer-to-peer system. The OogP2P framework is designed in such a way that users can develop and run new applications while having to add a constant, O(1), amount of code to the existing framework, without any modification to pre-existing applications running on the system, and without any modification to the network model. Applications are not limited to programs such as file sharing, chat, and networked games, but also include peer-to-peer components such as algorithms for searching, load balancing, and network-data gathering, to name a few. Developers can create applications by following the Communication and Application Architectures as specified in our papers." Need to look at this some more; evidently they looked at JXTA and decided to roll their own solution. The OogP2P folks found the following problems with JXTA (taken verbatim from their presentation):

  • Complicated API
  • Even sample programs were not simple or trivial to implement
  • Lot of code for little functionality.

I've looked over the OogP2P framework and it doesn't seem any easier than JXTA; it's pretty obtuse.


Mako said…
Hi Brad , As a part of my project , i have to develop a p2p application similar to Limewire which can work in LAN . Which framework should i go for , JXTA or OogP2P ?