Rojo Delurks!

I've been working at Rojo for about 6 months, a server-side RSS and reputation aggregator. We've been in "lurk mode" during that time so I couldn't blog about it, but now we are going to announce ourselves tommorrow at Web 2.0. Chris Alden, our founder, has also entered a first blog post on the official Rojo blog:

"We are very pleased to announce a new company: Rojo Networks, Inc. Our mission is to make online content more accessible and useful for information consumers, and our free Internet service, Rojo, aims to do just that.....

With a free Rojo account all you need is a browser and you can aggregate content from countless publishers, bloggers, and corporations. Rojo has already indexed over 700,000 feeds and is adding thousands more a day—but even if you find a feed before we do you can add it to Rojo with a few easy steps. And of course, users can search our database of feeds if they know what they are looking for......

Not only do we help you find feeds, but we have worked hard to make the stories in those feeds easy to find and easy to read. We have built what we call a "reputation system" which tracks the most popular feeds and stories according to your particular interests and makes recommendations as to what you might want to read. (Everything in Rojo has a "reputation," which we thought of as a kind of "mojo"—which is how we got "Rojo.")

One of our core beliefs is that our community—our friends, family, and associates—play a major role in helping us discover and understand information. It may be your grandmother sending you a clipping from the local paper, or your friend emailing you a link to a web page, or someone chatting about a story in a cafĂ©—but however it happens we all tend to use each other as guides to information. Many look at the blogosphere and see open communities that help each other discover and analyze information—and we do too. Why work alone to discover what feeds and stories to read when your friends and colleagues who may share similar interests are doing the same thing?

Take a look at the blog post. Right now we have a private, Gmail-style invite process; you can request an invite here.