X Prize Sponsor 7-UP to Give Free Flight into Space!

7 UP to Offer Free Space Flight: "Lemon-lime beverage, 7 UP, the official soft drink of the Ansari X Prize, announced Monday plans to offer consumers the first free ticket into space. The announcement followed the win by SpaceShipOne of the $10 million competition.

'At 7 UP, we want to make space travel a reality for everyone, not just for millionaires,' Randy Gier, EVP/CMO of Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, the beverage’s parent company, said in a press release. '7 UP applauds the success of the X PRIZE and the notion that the only way to go is UP when it comes to the future of space travel. We are very proud and excited to be the very first to help bring free space travel into the reach of everyone.'

[via X Prize News and Space.com]