First Post! W00t!

I just found my old, very first blog post floating around in cyberspace, from my first weblog named Tinker, hosted at EditThisPage; this is from May 2000:

"Welcome to Tinker! This is where I play around, "tinker", and explore new ideas. Some will pan out and lead to cool things, others will drop like a thud. I'm a lover of the new, so I'll be posting junk-loads of links to interesting technologies, ideas, and net-politics to this 'blog.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Brad Neuberg. I live in New York City, and recently graduated from Columbia University. I work at a great company named Random Walk, who told me when they hired me that it would be okay to tinker after work! For an inveterate open-sourcer (and a crabby Socratic who finds faults to fix in everything), this was a dream, since I can't stop my mind from thinking of new stuff. I also learn a great deal at Random Walk, since they're on the bleeding-edge of Java and CORBA.

Since I'm no supporter of vapor-ware, I've started this 'blog out by posting three projects that I am currently either working on or recently worked on. The first one is FlashJava. This is an open-source project that is attempting to integrate Flash and Java together; check out the source-code and the presentations on the FlashJava site. Another project is Fusion, which attempts to integrate previously disparate communication paradigms like email, instant messaging, newsgroups, and source-control systems. There is a prototype based on Mozilla, screen shots, a presentation, and a whitepaper on the Fusion site. The third project is OpenPortal, which is an older, discontinued project but which still has alot to offer in terms of ideas for EditThisPage. This was a project to create open, growable, transportable, changeable, and interoperable websites. Check out the OpenPortal website for the full whitepaper, design document, and final code drop."