Offline Access for AJAX Applications, Step 1

Here's a crazy, evil thought. What if someone took the Trimpath SQL layer, an open source component that lets you have the power of SQL queries while running in a web browser, and layered that over the AMASS permanent browser storage system I've built? This would mean AMASS becomes a generalized storage system, simulating a relational database running on the client side that can be queried using SQL.

What would you do with this? Well, you've now created an integral part of offline support for AJAX applications. One of the reasons I created AMASS was as the first piece of true offline support for AJAX systems.... it's a hard problem, but permanent, client-side storage is the first piece. Having a SQL layer, and a synchronization system between client and server, would be the second major piece.

Performance and code bloat of the combined framework would definently major issues, but if it could be done well, compressed, made reliable, and fast, then this would be very interesting. The compressed part could be from Dojo's compressor, which works well; the fast part is already good on the AMASS side, which puts and gets large amounts of data very well; and the reliable part can come through improved testing of AMASS. Before this can really take off AMASS needs to move out of alpha and become more stable and bug tested.

Does someone want to try to hook these two projects together, and bring offline access for AJAX apps one step closer?


Nick Lothian said…
That is the best idea I've heard for quie a while!
Cory Rauch said…
I put it together as a hack, check it out at:
Brad Neuberg said…
Cory, You. Seriously. Rock. Wow, that kicks ass.

I'm swamped at the Internet Archive today, but I will try to blog this in the next few days.

Wow; good work. From evil idea to actual implementation in 24 hours!
Ferik Fathun N. said…
Good job, Boy...!!