Mockup of HyperScope

I've created a screencast mockup of what the HyperScope UI might look like. HyperScope is the browser-based subset of Douglas Engelbart's Augment that we are rebuilding to run in contemporary web browsers using Ajax and DHTML. I created this mockup for the team, so it might be a bit technical, but it shows some of the directions we might go after the team signs off on the mockups.

View the screencast [Flash].


Liquid Orb said…
Brad, where are ya? No AIM anymore? Hey want to join in on the redesign of BBC.CO.UK. Check out Derek Lakin's blog post on it. We had already started a basecamp site to run it. We might even try to rapid prototype it.

IF you are inteeeeeerested drop me an email ken **at**
Sidebar: funny coincidence, but just the otherday going through an old HD I came across the ?what? 4Meg PDF BBC put out about their redesign back in ?what? '98 or 2000. Dandy document ... dandy inter-departmental process.