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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mockup of HyperScope

I've created a screencast mockup of what the HyperScope UI might look like. HyperScope is the browser-based subset of Douglas Engelbart's Augment that we are rebuilding to run in contemporary web browsers using Ajax and DHTML. I created this mockup for the team, so it might be a bit technical, but it shows some of the directions we might go after the team signs off on the mockups.

View the screencast [Flash].

Brad, where are ya? No AIM anymore? Hey want to join in on the redesign of BBC.CO.UK. Check out Derek Lakin's blog post on it. We had already started a basecamp site to run it. We might even try to rapid prototype it.

IF you are inteeeeeerested drop me an email ken **at**
Sidebar: funny coincidence, but just the otherday going through an old HD I came across the ?what? 4Meg PDF BBC put out about their redesign back in ?what? '98 or 2000. Dandy document ... dandy inter-departmental process.
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