A Parade of Peacocks

It's great to be back in San Francisco.

Yesterday (Sunday), I was working on HyperScope from Ritual House Coffee Roasters, a trendy coffee shop down in San Francisco's Mission, and it made me realize how special this city is. Everyone's got their laptops set up; it's super trendy inside, and the diversity of the different kinds of people is amazing. I wouldn't even know where to start to describe them. Just every kind of subculture, everything going on. Open source geek, goth, Mission lesbians, Mission rockers, Castro boys, there's just so many different sub-scenes and mixtures between them. I would peek over at other people's laptops to see what they're working on; they're coding, creating, and building interesting things.

It's a unique zeitgeist we've got here. Something else that's interesting, I think San Francisco allows you to be younger and more self-defined, no matter what age you are. So, other people, in other cities are whatever age, 25, 30, 35, have settled down and are on a certain kind of path. In San Francisco, that's not necessarily true. You see people in their forties, they're doing their own thing, defining their own path. They're writing their own book. It's really unique.

Whenever I leave San Francisco, I come back and I see how what's here is not everywhere else.


Nicole Simon said…
This time i hit SFO for a 'normal touristy experience' and kind of hated it. If you are used to have the net on your hands, normal paper and tourist guides kind of suck ...

along those lines i did not find a lot of the caf├ęs you described, so have to watch out for them next time when i am there, and this time it should work to meet up with the coworker space.

as for the feeling you described - guess why i was so keen to return to palo alto for those two days. i landed tuesday evening at 10:30 pm at the coupa cafe and felt home. :)

laptops in cafes here? well. sometimes. wifi or even powerplugs? tja ...

i have not seen many other cities besides a bit of san diego and l.a., but i am sure that san francisco (and the valley) is the place you want to be if you are a geek. :(