Speaking at EuroOSCON

I'm going to EuroOSCON! I just found out!

I will be talking about the Englebart project, HyperScope. Right now, in August, we're doing the rest of the development for the project, and then in September at EuroOSCON I'll be presenting the entire architecture of the system, finished and ready to go.

The great thing is all of this is open source under the GPL. Its got a really interesting architecture. It is fully client-side using AJAX and DHTML. We extensively use Dojo, client-side XSLT, and XPath.

HyperScope is a really sophisticated application that's bringing entirely new addressing and viewing capabilities to the existing web. You'll be able to use all of this without any browser plugins. You can just drop it into your web server. It is a bunch of static files on the web server, because everything is client side. The file format for HyperScope is simple OPML.

I'll be talking about all of this at EuroOSCON, going through the architecture, what we've done, why this is important, why it matters, etc. Essentially, we're bringing all of the capabilities to the contemporary World Wide Web that existed in Douglas Englebart's, one of the co-inventors of hypertext, original system. He first implemented hypertext, but in a much more sophisticated way than what we have on the web, and now we're going to have these abilities broadly available. It's really cool and I hope you can make it if you're in town.

I'm definitely getting addicted to Europe. It is a really cool place. EuroOSCON is actually in Brussels, which I've never been to. E-mail (bkn3 ATATATAT columbia.edu) me if you're going to be out there, if you live out in the region and you want to meet up and hang out.