New York Post Article on Coworking

The New York Post just published a great article on coworking on Monday:

"Coworking" is a relatively new term - it was coined a few years ago by Brad Neuberg, a 31-year-old open-source programmer in San Francisco.

"I was working for a start-up, and I really wanted to go into business, but I was afraid I would miss the community and structure of a workplace," he says.

So he founded a shared office space in a women's art center, and since then he's become something of a coworking evangelist, encouraging people to start spaces and managing a wiki page with its own blog, links to coworking spaces all over the world, and instructions on how to start your own space.

As Neuberg acknowledges, the concept of sharing office space isn't new. But coworking is more than just sharing space, he says.

"It's very specifically about creating a community," says Neuberg. "It's like the difference between a coffee shop and a restaurant. At a restaurant, you're there in your own little space; you may have a friend with you, but you're not there to meet people. People at coffee shops are a little more social."

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In the print edition there is also a sidebar with further info; read the sidebar online.

Quick note: the article implies I started the coworking wiki; in fact, this was Chris Messina's idea and action, and it was instrumental in coworking blowing up.