Presenting at Google Developer Day

Hi folks; I'll be talking today at the Google Developer Day on Dojo Offline + Google Gears integration down in San Jose. I'll be showing a prototype of integration, with some cool exciting functionality that I haven't discussed before. The combined Dojo Offline/Google Gears release will happen in a few weeks. My Google Dev Day presentation is at 4:30 PM, and is part of the Nuts and Bolts session near the end of the day (the GWT team will be there too). Google is helping to fund the Dojo Offline/Google Gears port, and I am consulting with them through SitePen.


Christine said…
just saw your post on my reader feed and recognized you. nice meeting you today - good luck with the talk this afternoon! also, don't forget to tag your post with "gdd07" and "gdd07us" =P
Unknown said…
Just got through watching you over the Google live feed at Great job!
BillSaysThis said…
I enjoyed your preso this afternoon--who knew you had such red hair? Seriously, I think the decision to move DojoOffline to Gears and partner with the G is a smart move that from the outside perhaps looks obvious but I know many techies have a hard time seeing that due to emotional investment.

One thing I think needs to be looked at is a way to share database manipulation code from the server side so one does not need to duplicate it in JavaScript. DRY, right?
Jon B said…
Great meeting you at the after party at Google. Keep up the great work, and I'm really excited about gears/dojo interaction.

-Jon from Reel FX

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