Easy Download of Dojo Storage for Developers

I've put up a simple ZIP file that has just Dojo Storage. This is an optimized build of Dojo with just the small files necessary to use Dojo Storage. I've also created a simple Hello World example that folks can use to get started with Dojo Storage quickly. Note that this is a pre-release version of Dojo 1.1 which is coming out soon but has not been wrapped up yet. This version has a fully functioning Flash Storage Provider, HTML 5 storage, and Google Gears storage.


Unknown said…
Glad to hear you made something of yourself! I came across your site while researching server side includes (of all ancient technologies(. Congrats on the google gig--they must not have been able to find much dirt on your Not So Late Show days!

Daniel Wright
Andrew said…
This is awesome! Thanks!