Updated Dojo Storage ZIP file + Demos

[Updated with correct ZIP file download link]

The ZIP file I put up for the new release of Dojo Storage was broken. Here is a new one with the critical bug fixed (basically the test file did not point to the right location). Also, I'm now hosting the new Dojo Storage release on my web server so you can play with the testing file here and the Hello World demo here to get a taste of Dojo Storage without having to download things yourself. Note that this is based on Dojo 1.1 and is a pre-release, since Dojo 1.1 will go out Real Soon Now (tm) but is not out yet. Thanks to Andrew Woolridge for pointing out that things were broken.


Anonymous said…
I can't access that zip file on brad.com.
Rakesh Rajan said…
Does the Flash based storage work with Dojo cross-domain build ? ( I was able to use Gears provider with cross-domain build )