BizUnite launched

BizUnite has launched. I did some consulting with them. BizUnite is an interesting web site that is trying to get economies of scale for independently owned businesses, so they can compete against larger conglomerates like Walmart. From their launch email:

"[BizUnite the] platform unites independent businesses, or the Davids, through what we are call "Goliath Clout". What the hell is Goliath Clout you ask? Goliath Clout allows the Davids to better compete against the Goliath's, through tools like Cost Savings (ex. credit card processing), Insurance, Marketing, and Best Practices. For more info on BizUnite check out our launch post.

In the meantime, register for our site, and feel free to forward this around to others especially those that run independent businesses. The site is fully functioning, and indy businesses can get real value right out of the gate."

There are some really cool ideas in here, and their goal of allowing decentralized, smaller businesses to band together to get clout is really cool and worthy.


Sonciary said…
Hey Brad - Thanks for helping to spread the word. Very excited to launch!