New SVG Web Release: Umber Hulk

Hear ye! Hear ye! The SVG Web team has pushed out another release, code named Umber Hulk:

Umber Hulk: "A human-shaped creature with gaping maws flanked by pairs of exceedingly sharp mandibles. Despite their bestial appearance, umber hulks possess a significant intelligence and language of their own."

Notable highlights of this release:
  • Having Chinese characters in SVG filenames now works
  • getCTM, currentScale, and currentTranslate are now supported, making dragging easier
  • Inline on* style events (onclick, etc.) handlers directly in markup is now supported for SVG OBJECTs
  • Several fixes for IE 8
  • Several fixes when the DOCTYPE is specified
  • Lots of fixes around resizing an SVG image based on resizing the browser and it's container
  • Fixes to help Shelley Power's Burning Bird site
  • Fixes to help the Wikipedia SVG Zoom and Pan too
  • Fixes to help Michael Neutzes' German Atlas work
  • Fixes to help other developers in the community
and much much more. Special thanks to the many people who helped with this one:
  • Rick Masters
  • Jeff Schiller
  • Michael Neutze
  • Shelley Powers
  • Ciaranj
  • Felix Buenemann
  • Le Roux Bernard
  • Glen Bremner Stokes
  • Bradbury.e
  • Richbk
  • Fangqq
Full list of bugs knocked out in this release:
  • Issue 299 : Tip of subversion (r855) throws error for demo.html on IE 7
  • Issue 292 : For Wikipedia: Fix SVG OBJECT creation bugs discovered
  • Issue 285 : For Wikipedia: Be able to host bulk of SVG Web on a different domain
  • Issue 271 : When using uncompressed-svg.js the data-path attribute on the script element is ignored
  • Issue 140 : SVG OBJECT.contentDocument does not work when DOCTYPE specified inside of HTML file itself
  • Issue 272 : Fetching contentDocument on SVG OBJECT does not work in IE 8/Standards Mode [INVALID]
  • Issue 249 : flash renderer svgobj.contentDocument breaks if svg contains DOCTYPE declaration
  • Issue 148 : QA in IE 8 with standards mode on
  • Issue 186 : test_js2.html has issues on some IE 8 instances with compatibility mode on
  • Issue 135 : Help functionality on blocks_game.html issue
  • Issue 236 : wrong URL encoding for UTF-8 Chinese characters
  • Issue 250 : svgweb init fails in internet explorer 8 when using object embedding
  • Issue 260 : The full-color-prof-01-f.html in the test suite 1.1 is broken
  • Issue 262 : Remove onWindowResize handlers when page unloaded and when object removed from page
  • Issue 263 : Click on root svg element does not work in IE8
  • Issue 276 : Fix resize issues with Shelley's Burning Bird site
  • Issue 277 : Disappearing text
  • Issue 279 : Define evt variable in onload="" handler script code
  • Issue 283 : getScreenCTM needs to include object position and ignore browser zoom
  • Issue 286 : 100% w/h SVG Root in 100% w/h Object in a DIV given in px – Flash size wrong
  • Issue 290 : Referencing an "svg" object with "use" causes flash error
  • Issue 294 : Support getCTM, currentScale, currentTranslate for drag and drop
  • Issue 53: Support on* style event handlers directly in markup [for OBJECT tag only]
Please keep in mind SVG Web is still in alpha.

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About SVG Web and SVG:

SVG Web is a JavaScript library which provides SVG support on many browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Using the library plus native SVG support you can instantly target close to 100% of the existing installed web base. SVG itself stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, an open standard that is part of the HTML 5 family of technologies for interactive, search-engine friendly web vector graphics.