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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Left Google

I left Google recently. I haven't blogged about it since I've been taking some time off, hacking on some personal HTML5 projects, and writing on Ajaxian. I was at Google almost 3 years. It was an amazing experience and the hardest part about leaving was all the people I consider my friends and colleagues. I left primarily because the round trip commute was close to three hours and I want to find something closer to home in San Francisco.

I'm not sure what my next gig will be but I'd like something focused on HTML5/CSS3, pushing the browser into new areas and solving hard software engineering problems with JavaScript. I want to find something in San Francisco with a great team of people that are a mix of change the world ambitious and having work/life balance. More on my background here.

I'm actually in the SFO airport right now. I'm off to present on HTML5 in London at the Future of Web Apps conference then on Canvas/SVG at Fronteers in Amsterdam. I've created a 3D slide deck using CSS 3D transforms, HTML5, CSS3, and SVG. The slides nest and can accordion open and closed based on the audience, so the slide deck can be used to fill an all day workshop or a 40 minute intro. It's been fun building it. I'm then off to Egypt on October 11th with my girlfriend for a few weeks to explore the Nile. Responses to email will be slow or non-existent so I look forward to catching up with folks in November!

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GET in touch when u return. --bill daul
Congratulations for the new direction in your career, I hope that you can share the always useful and interesting information of your talks,

success in all your projects!
Here's to change! I've recently found it can revitalize a body. Shall curiously watch to see where you land!

Congrats on the life change, Brad. It's always good to shake things up a bit. I look forward to seeing what new awesomeness you summon forth next.
Congrats! I'm glad to see you return to that "work/life" balance focus.

Enjoy your travels, I hope we get to catch up soon, brother!
Just saw your presentation in London - really cool. Can you post a link to it here so I can have a play?
Thanks everyone!
Will you still be working on svgweb?
@Mike: Yes.
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