Final Release of Paper Airplane

I have released a new build of the Paper Airplane prototype, version 0.1.2, and have also created a screencast of the prototype running, with narration of what is occuring as I run through the application; this is useful if you are interested in Paper Airplane and want to get a quick overview.

This version fixes a bug in the uninstaller so it now works and various other bugs.

The Paper Airplane project is now finished with the release of the paper, the plugin prototype, and the P2P Sockets framework that drives the prototype. At this point the vision is out there and I will be moving on to other ways to create Web 2.0, such as bringing these features into existing client/server WikiWikis. I will no longer be maintaining the P2P Sockets framework or Paper Airplane plugin so that I can make space and time for future projects and consulting. Alex Lynch will now be the new project owner for P2P Sockets.