Leaving Rojo

This Friday is my last day at Rojo; I gave my notice a few weeks ago. It's been a great ride; I've learned a great deal personally and professionally. I think that the kind of second generation web-based aggregator that Rojo is building is the right direction. Aggregators need to move to the web, including incorporating Ajax/DHTML interfaces where appropriate; become smarter about what knowledge to bubble up to the reader in order to deal with information overload; deeply integrate tagging for stories, articles, and feeds; and incorporate tools for sharing and discovering information from your friends and contacts. Rojo does all of this, and more.

Thanks to everyone at Rojo. If you haven't given Rojo a try, or haven't tried it in awhile, check it out. Rojo gets better and better.

I'm trying to figure out what my next step is, but it will most definently involve web 2.0 technologies: Ajax, Wikis, the Blogosphere, Tagging, Editing Tools, and so on. Ping me if your organization or group is interested in these technologies.