JavaScript SQL Database with Permanent Storage: Cory Rauch Takes It From Evil Idea to Reality in 24 Hours

Holy cow, Cory Rauch is a god. He saw my post last night:

"Here's a crazy, evil thought. What if someone took the Trimpath SQL layer, an open source component that lets you have the power of SQL queries while running in a web browser, and layered that over the AMASS permanent browser storage system I've built? This would mean AMASS becomes a generalized storage system, simulating a relational database running on the client side that can be queried using SQL."

This morning I came into the office and saw an email from Cory that he had implemented a prototype of that overnight. Wow; I'm impressed. Good work :)

He even wrote good documentation:

"A piece of the offline AJAX application puzzle. This idea was in response to a blog post found here.

The Demo | The Files

This is a quick hack of both the example pages from AMASS and TrimPath projects combined together to form a basic javascript database. If you are not familiar with either project here is quick overview:

AMASS - A method for storing a large amount of data in a web browser via JavaScript and Flash. Provides a better storage mechanism than cookies with larger storage.

TrimPath - Is an sql query parser that works with data stored in arrays.

Together, I created a quick hack, you may say, to store an array of data in AMASS storage, then the script allows the user to run a query on stored data by grab the data back from storage and using TrimPath to parse and filter the data array. You can try out the demo if you like or even just go to the project for more information.

If these projects mature we eventually have an even more reliable and fault tolerant generation of AJAX applications."

This stuff is cooking! Now we just need someone to get it working on the Mac on Firefox (I don't have a Mac), and someone to see how it works in Linux on Firefox.


toka said…
actually google did a similar job with google gears ...
Brad Neuberg said…
Toka, this is from two years ago though ;)