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My friends David Barrett and Travis Kalanick are looking for AJAX developers for the company they work for, Red Swoosh. I know David through the open-source P2P community, back in the day when I was working on P2P Sockets and Paper Airplane, while I met Travis recently at the SuperHappyDevHouse meetups. David has done all sorts of cool stuff, including QwikiWiki as well as an interesting P2P screen-sharing and collaboration application he's hacking on named iGlance.

I asked them to write up a small job posting on what they are looking for so I could post it here for them; I don't usually post job entries but I wanted to help them. David's told me a bit what they are planning, which is a very cool AJAX interface for the peer-to-peer product they have developed:

Job Description:

Web Developer/Internet Product Manager

We're looking for an expert web dev to build out innovative web apps on top of our P2P platform. We're a lean start-up where you can have serious impact. We have real customers, large and small, who depend on our technology and have millions of clients out there.

You will be building out a service site for 10s of thousands of webmasters. We want you to push the envelope with innovative AJAX applications around video and video games that will end up on hundreds of websites.

  • Standard webdev skills: php, apache, javascript, html, xml, http, RDBMS, etc.
  • Envision, Architect service site, design (work with graphic designer), and build site around services sold to techies and digerati
  • Technical customer support helping customers implement our solution
  • Build community around product and services, act as user community liasion

We've received funding from a major force in the online media business and are now filling out our core technology team.

We'd like to see what you're made of and are looking for sharp, hard working, passionate innovators who want to come on board a small company with lots of potential.

To apply:

Tell us about what technologies you're into and what kind of job and company you're looking for. Include a resume and send to We look forward to talking with you about coming on board.


David Barrett said…
Thanks Brad!

(FYI, the VoIP/video project is called iGlance and it's available for download now.)
Brad Neuberg said…
Hi David; I just updated the post to include a link to iGlance.