Help Take Coworking to the Next Level

Right now the Coworking space is a great place to work and can accomodate a fair number of people (check out pics of the space at; however, we are looking for larger, more affordable space that can accomodate more workshops, brainstorming sessions, more coworkers, and turn it into a permanent place where people can drop by, work, innovate, and have community. Imagine a permanent Bar Camp, or a contemporary Homebrew Computer Club; let's make it happen. If you have any leads on this email me at

I'm trying to grow coworking organically; right now it is very real. We now have five permanent coworkers: An entrepreneur and Ruby on Rails developer creating an interesting new kind of web application; a computer science researcher investigating a new kind of computer language; A researcher and programmer working on an interesting project for Commerce.Net; a playwright and screenplay writer developing a movie script; and me, a research engineer focusing on AJAX, DHTML, and collaborative systems.

As of this month we are financially sustainable. Moving forward, Michael Eakes, Chris Messina, and I would like to start creating a space that also helps support innovation, the kind of space that the Homebrew Computer Club and Bar Camp helped sustain. We probably need a bigger space that can accomodate room for workshops, presentations, as well as more coworkers, and we need something cheap (maybe even free?) since we are a nonprofit and co-op. Got any ideas?