Introducing Mash Camp at the Coworking Space!

Come join us at the coworking space for an all day stormathon and hackathon! Chris Messina has got the ball rolling for Mashup Camp:

"So here's the deal. January 17 we're going to have a Mashup Camp at the Coworking space....There will be 12 of us, mixed and mashed from a superlative cadre of geeks. It's open to apply, but we've got limited space and time, so, 12. Anyway, we start in the morning promptly at 10am (after informal coffee, etc). We do brief intros, discuss our project, what we're bringing to the table as far as knowledge, know-how and passion. We then break up into a couple groups based on what we want to get done and the utility of our offerings. ...Spend the next couple hours drawing, writing, designing, architecting… getting to something with teeth but not code. Break for lunch and cross-polination.....Maybe after lunch we play musical chairs with the projects. Y'know, mashup the teams? This means that the folks early in the day really need to be clear about what they want since it'll be someone else's fingers actually punching the keys and juicing the code......So after the mashing of people, a coding melee ensues and by the end of the day, we'll have something. Scratch that, we'll have a few things. Probably not all that pretty, but beginnings. And, I'll tell you this in advance, one of the projects will be to construct the website that will host these projects moving forward… what shall become a proverbial open source treasure trove of mashups. Oh yes my friends, this is going to be good."

Chris is the lead organizer of this; head over to the Upcomming page for the event to RSVP.

Coworking is a new way to work; it provides a great atmosphere for innovation, structure, and community. You should drop by and see what we are up to.


burtonator said…
I'll be there!