From Thailand, to Coworking, to HTML5, Now to Next Generation eBooks: Refocusing My Blog

I started this blog in 2001 as a travel blog as I lived in South East Asia, ending up in a Thai Muslim village two weeks after September 11th after having moved out of New York City just a few months before (after having worked downtown in the Financial District, no less!). Here's a short excerpt from October 16th, 2001 that gives a sense of what life and this blog was like for me then:

My neighbors house in Thailand
While my house was higher than the rising waters, a river was rushing down the street and flooding into my Muslim neighbor's house. I decided to head out into the water to help him, and grabbed a large plastic trash can to bail out water. I headed over there and told them I wanted to help. I followed Koon Son, the man of the house, over to a construction site. We grabbed all the wood and cement we could to build a barrier around the front of the house, to divert the rushing water.

After moving back to the States, segued into a forum to talk about the work I was doing on Paper Airplane, an open source P2P browser focused on deep collaboration and editing on the web:


EPL minus 2 said…
Fascinating stuff. Good luck with Inkling Habitat. I hope you find that sweet spot between eBooks and Apps where the new generation eBook can thrive. Will be following your work closely. Regards.