Lets Get Press Credentials for Bloggers at the X Prize Foundation Launch Attempt

I am an outside volunteer with the Ansari X Prize Foundation on the Media Relations team. I am trying to convince the Foundation to give out press credentials to space and technology weblogs for the September 29th Scaled Composites launch. I am a new, outside volunteer, trying to bring the organization up to speed on why blogging is important and why they should give out press credentials to bloggers; they are pretty new to what weblogs are and what is happening in the blogosphere.

In a blogosphere fashion I'm trying to ask for help from the space and technology blogging community. I have a vision of creating a community around the X Prize that is similar to what happened around the Howard Dean campaign, where the organization is turned inside out and people on the edges have the power to contribute their talents and ideas without overhead. How do folks think this would happen? If the Foundation gives out credentials to bloggers, how should it be done, what space/technology bloggers should get some, and how many should we give out? I need help on those questions since I'm not sure on the best way to do that. How would folks convince the X Prize Foundation to make blogging and bloggers important, and how would you explain it to an organization that had never heard of blogging before?

Please note that the Foundation hasn't approved giving out press credentials to bloggers; I'm just trying to convince some folks inside of the organization to do so. :)