TorrentAid: Cross-Network Swarmable Trackerless Torrents

Wow, this looks like an interesting tool; I need to learn more about it:

"TorrentAid is a suite of easy, powerful, open-source BitTorrent tools. These tools not only work with traditional centralised torrents, but can also create a new generation of decentralised, cross-network swarmable trackerless torrents. With supporting download software these backward-compatible torrents can be used without having to contact a centralised tracker, and can also be "cross-network swarm downloaded" combining BitTorrent download sources with sources on other P2P networks such as Gnutella2 and eDonkey2000."


Namtog said…
Wow is right, no tracker needed!

I have just watched your x-prize space video distributed by BT, thanks, it was fun. And a very fast d/l.