Volunteering for the X Prize, Part 4

We've made it to the Mojave Space Port!

I'm here at the volunteer meeting, waiting for it to begin. I'll be posting live what they are talking about; there is WiFi here. They gave us all nifty X Prize t-shirts and name badges:

Alot of folks are here from the Illinois Space Society, which I think is related to something called the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, founded by Peter Diamandis at MIT. They are from a new branch over at University of Illinois. They have speakers, presentations, research, jobs, education, etc.

From the rumour mill: someone told me that Paul Allen would be here, but not Richard Branson of Virgin.

Different speakers are talking now:

They are going to have a 1000 VIPs showing up, people who have made this possible from a financial perspective, celebrities, political figures.

Someone asked who the pilot would be, but Dan said he could not tell us at this time.

Dan, one of the volunteer organizers, is saying how this is like watching the Wright brothers fly or watching Lindbergh land in Paris. That it is a delicate and beautiful experience. He said to really take in this day which will never come in our lives again.

Dan is introducing the General Manager of the Airport.

Alot of really cool, honest, emotional talks by the different chief staff members.

One of the speakers mentioned that the Native American word for wind is Mojave.

They're pointing out that trash can stop a flight, we need to pick up any trash we see.