Alternatives to NASA: Transformational Space

t/space, or Transformational Space, is an extremely innovative outlet that has been developing a cheaper and safer alternative for NASA to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station. Burt Rutan, who won the X Prize last year, is involved in their venture.

Today I found a great narrated video that fully explains their approach to building this new space craft.

t/space is also a big believer in rapid prototyping, and have been doing a rapid series of prototype tests for a very small amount of money (some people joke that they have been creating full prototype tests for less money than it takes NASA to fart). A few days ago t/space did an actual drop test of their delivery mechanism for the capsule (photos and video).

Another one of their great principles is to make systems as simple as possible. There is alot to learn from them that is applicable to computer programming in general.

Make sure to check out their full concept document too; this is a very innovative company.