Someone Hacked Rojo Using Greasemonkey!

When I was at Rojo we implemented our behind the scenes server communication using a hidden iframe rather than XmlHttpRequest, partially because we created this system before Google legitimized using XmlHttpRequest in production systems (as a side note, when I first came to Rojo I was advocating that we use more DHTML, before it was called AJAX, and they look at me like I was a wild eyed lunatic -- its amazing how far DHTML has come from being the ignored, discredited kid on the block to the next big thing).

A talented blogger recently created several cool Greasemonkey scripts that modify how Rojo works behind the scenes, swapping out our old iframe approach for an XmlHttpRequest one! It's amazing that an independent programmer, outside of the company, can totally revamp how Rojo works, making it faster and easier to work with. That's really cool.

[Updated broken link]


burtonator said…
You ended up getting your way.. :).

Rojo was very Ajaxian by the time you left.

My main worry wasn't with Ajax but with complexity. There were other reasons why Rojo was complex as well.

I have a hard enough time keeping CSS compliance across IE, FF, Safari ... Ajax just makes everything all crazy! :)